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Everything's better
with pictures

Enhance your work with graphic recording, illustration and animated video. 

Happydance Creative brings 15 years experience in the creative industry to help you translate your stories, ideas and complex messages into engaging and easily understandable visuals.


Make your workshops memorable and engaging with Graphic Recording. Make your reports and powerpoints stand out with illustration. Bring your story to life with animation.

We live in a visual world - we may as well have fun in it. 

How best can I help?

Translate discussions, panels and complex problems into an engaging artefact that can be enjoyed and shared after your event.



Infographics, rich pictures, placemats, spot illustrations - whatever you need to help your information be understood



Let's make it move!

Animation is an incredibly effective tool to tell a longer and more in depth story.

Previous Clients

Emirates Logo
Price waterhouse coopers
Bonobo Labs
Canberra Region Joint Organisation
National Security College
CDC Data centres
Department of Defence
Services Australia
Australian Federal Police Force
YellowHat Consulting
ANU enterprise
Museum of Australian Democracy
Australian Pacific Security College
University of Melbourne
Department of Veterans Affairs
Attorney Generals Department

Don't just take my word for it

What can I say about Arran McKenna except that he is a creative genius.
More specifically, he’s a highly skilled graphic illustrator whose passion for what he does shines through his work. He’s detailed-oriented, makes sure that ideas discussed at an event have been captured accurately, while also creative, adding artistic flourishes which really capture the spirit of the conversation as well as the key points.
His ability to listen closely and to critically interpret the conversations is clear in his work. His technical skill is rare and attention to detail invaluable. He’s an outstanding creative professional and we love working with him!

Catherine Carter
Founder and Director, Salon Canberra

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