Graphic Recording takes complex ideas and , through the use of images, typography and colour,  puts them into a simple, understandable and appealing visual artefact. (Like a collaborative Mind-map - but with pictures!) Participants not only see their ideas captured but also get to see how those ideas link to the greater whole. 

As the world gets more complex we need simple ways to help us navigate, understand & teach this complexity. Given that 90% of the information our brains receive is visual (and we remember 80% of what we see) Graphic recording is the perfect solution to help us manage this complexity. Having a Graphic Recorder will give your event, meeting or workshop a different perspective that is creative, collaborative and engages your stakeholders and participants. 

I have recorded for such clients as Pricewaterhouse Coopers, The Department of Veterans Affairs, Services Australia, IAG, NAB, AMP and Salon Canberra. I also bring with me 4 years of experience in collaborative design in the MG Taylor methodology.  If you would like me to take your workshop, panel or forum to the next level please get in touch.